Steele Peak Public Access Plan

The RCHCA has jurisdiction and oversight over numerous conservation areas within Western Riverside County, which is intended to provide habitat for SKR.  Typically, access to these conservation areas is limited.  Staff work to deter unfettered access and the impacts of illegal trespassing and dumping activity on the lands.  The RCHCA owns 250 acres of conserved lands for the SKR in the Steele Peak Reserve near the City of Perris in unincorporated Riverside County.   

RCHCA, in partnership with Alta Planning + Design and the Good Hope community, developed a Trails Concept Design Plan that will be suitable for the Steele Peak Reserve, taking into consideration what activities would be best suited for the area’s residents and visitors. The concept plan provides low-impact recreational access within the reserve area that allows public use and avoids conserved habitat areas, balancing the accommodation of activities with lower environmental impacts to discourage unwanted access. The Steele Peak Inaugural Trail will be a 1.2 mile pedestrian loop designed using existing roads. This trail will create opportunities for hiking, natural observations and seating areas.

Recognizing the value in public access, the RCHCA's goal is to develop an action plan that is beneficial in reducing negative impacts and creates a sense of appreciation for the lands and species conservation.

Steele Peak Reserve