Stephen’s Kangaroo Rat in Captivity

The Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency (RCHCA) is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) comprised of the County of Riverside and the cities of Corona, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Perris, Riverside, Temecula and Wildomar.    

The Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency's (RCHCA) original purpose was to develop, plan and execute the Stephen’s Kangaroo Rat Habitat Conservation Plan (SKR HCP). The SKR HCP called for conserving 15,000 acres of occupied SKR habitat. In order to acquire the requisite acreage, the RCHCA assembled a 40,000 acre Reserve system in Western Riverside County comprised of local, State, and Federal land contributions. Once the Reserve system was assembled, the RCHCA established endowments for many of the larger Reserves. 

The RCHCA has managed conserved lands within southern California and specifically Western Riverside County since 1996. The RCHCA’s staff has over 35 years of combined experience working within Southern California’s ecological communities. RCHCA staff regularly carries out biological studies, surveys and assessments of natural resources.

The RCHCA’s mission is to effectively manage conserved and open space lands in Riverside County.  The RCHCA understands the importance preserving the plants, animals and natural communities.  The vision of Conservation, Coordination, Education and Collaboration creates a sense of public appreciation for the environment.