Riverside Communities Partnership Project

Green Team

The Riverside Communities Partnership Project (RCPP) serves as RCHCA's 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and is a collaborative effort by the RCHCA, AmeriCorps, and various organizations to provide a wide range of service-learning opportunities for community service volunteers to support various agencies and efforts throughout Western Riverside County. Collaboration is common among agencies and organizations to address similar problems . By creating the RCPP, this program will provide a means to address the gaps in need in the Western Riverside County region.  

 RCPP was made possible through the AmeriCorps NCCC grant, which assigns a team of 10-12 AmeriCorps volunteers to work on a project for 10 weeks.  Utilizing this grant, RCHCA and the various program partners will share this team to work on projects throughout the subregion.

The AmeriCorps NCCC team working with the RCPP will be provided with enrichment opportunities for their future careers or personal goals and create citizens with a deep connection to this area and foster environmental stewardship. This program is not only meant to assist the sponsorship partners, but to also assist the team by exposing them to various guest speakers and experiences. 

The shared goal is to identify projects that align with AmeriCorps NCCC’s mission and those in which all involved have a vested interest in completing. Without a concentrated, collaborative effort, these projects large and small would take staffing, funding, and other resources that are not available, making them impossible to complete. The opportunity to work with AmeriCorps gives RCPP a foundation and structure with the goal of building focused and committed future leaders while simultaneously meeting the needs of local communities. The RCPP hopes to deliver an experience to the AmeriCorps members that is community focused, socially innovative, and works to impact the lives of those involved. Some of the activities volunteers work on include:

  • Promoting environmental sustainability through fire mitigation / suppression, conservation restoration, and wildlife habitat management
  • Supporting building affordable housing units
  • Assisting community recovery and emergency services management after natural or other disasters

The mission of the Riverside Communities Partnership Project is to bring together resources to support the conservation, education, and collaboration efforts of the Riverside Habitat Conservation Agency.